Review of JBL Clip2 AN Speaker- (Wonderful Sound )


Today, I am going to share with you my experience with JBL clip2 speakers. My motivation behind buying this product was a similar speaker that I saw my friend had bought earlier. 

JBL already has a good reputation in the speaker industry. I purchased this two round surfaced speaker which has a triangular hook that can hang it anywhere on the walls,windows, or to your fingers. 

This hook is spring operated, and easy to open and close at the provided cut to allow it to hang even with a certain hole, or ring or some other similar hook. 

Product: Speaker

Model: JBL Clip2 AN

Product Review:

  1. Sound quality is way more superior than any cheap speaker that you buy with below 1500 rupees. It has a crystal clear sound.
  2. A good level of bass, which is not very high but just sufficient to sound good. 
  3. Available in various colors like black, blue, sky blue, green and Red etc.
  4. Water-proof, no matter if it is raining or you are one feet deep in water, it is invincible. 
  5. Surface has this aesthetically pleasing appearance, and is smooth and soft like butter. The front has these (I guess nylon-cotton) thread weaved in an articulative manner.
  6. Throw it on a concrete floor, and it is still invincible, I mean it is tough.
  7. You can recharge it way faster than other things around. I never saw any of the phone getting charged so faster either using a USB cable attached to your laptop or with the charger itself.
  8. Travelers can opt for it, very much full heartedly.  Take them to anywhere, anytime, in any weather. With such small size, they can fit in a bigger pocket of a jacket.

      One I bought: 

Other colors:

cost: I bought it for around 3700 rupees, but now it costs less. 
One which my friend has bought, this one is better, but with a little higher cost:



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