Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime - my Rating -7.5 out of 10


Many of you might be the regular customers of Samsung Electronics, which earlier launched the Galaxy J7, and recently launched the Galaxy J7 Prime in India in the month of April of 2017. 

Available since April 5, 2017, Amazon offers it in two colors- Gold and Black. With 32 GB internal space you can put in there lot of audio and video stuff.

Instead of typing all the product details, let me post the screenshot of the  details posted on Amazon. With 349 weight, it is quite comfortable to carry it in your pocket or hand.

With a screen size of 5.5 inch you can watch the videos quite enjoyably, and also dimensions are not so large. It can fit in any of your regular pockets.

13 MP rear and 8 MP front cameras, and also with flash, provides good service for shooters. Battery is 3300mAh and is non-removable. Please note that in Amazon as the description says it is non-removable for Gold color and removable for the Black color, that seems to be a typing mistake, it must be non-removable for both.
I see that the battery runs for one day if you don't listen to songs or watch movies with it whole day. For tit-bit of simple net surfing and listening for an hour of songs and few calls, it is sufficient for a one day run. 

All 4G, 3G etc. kinds of sims can be put inside the two side slots provided on the left bottom edge. With 3 GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Octa core, Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7870 processor(Please don't mind if you don't understand these technical terms, even I don't) it is flawless in its performance speed. 

There is no sign of a hang even when I have downloaded so many apps into it. I bought this item from the local retailer for the price of 16,900 rupees, same that was on the Amazon, though the printed price is higher. So you can bargain with the shopkeeper to sell you at the online price. 

Sound quality is Ok, not very much good, but it is good. The ear phone(headset) is of very good quality. 

However, if you buy it online, almost all of the websites are selling it for the same price and with good shipping services, but I trust Amazon more than any of them. It has a fast service and product reaches always in good conditions. 

There is a fingerprint scanner, which you can use to unlock the screen optionally. Forming patterns is frustrating, so this is very much handy tool, but I noticed that it is not working that good. It worked initially, but it shows no match even after trying for two-three times, and then freezes the screen for 30 seconds. This can be a technical fault, but I have to confirm it after getting reviews from number of people. 

I am not that much of a technical guy, but I sense the general appeal of the good, and it gives me good vibes. Keeping all the points in mind I am giving it a rating of 7.5 out of 10. If you are having any query, please ask in the comment box.

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  1. My friend bought this phone almost half month ago from gadget mall chandigath that is recenyly launch at the side of alante mall chd it has a initial problem of finger print scanner and clearty is so good and look is stunning and atttavtive perfomance is so good after downloading a lots of app.


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