Asus Smartphone Gets Restarted or Rebooted.. Sad ..How to Fix it?

Do you recognize this product? This is Asus Zenfone, which I bought last Diwali in the month of October of 2016. 

Product Details: Asus Zenfone
Model No: ASUS_Z010D
Cost: About 9500 - 10,000 Rupees (At the time of I bought it)

At the night of  new year celebration, one of my friend who held my phone, was a little high with few drinks, and accidently dropped it on a bathroom floor, which was wet. 

Instantly it stopped working, and remained so for next two days.  I kept it in Sun, and then in between a bag full of  dry rice grains. Still it didn't start. 

After five six days, when I shifted from that place to a place of somewhat lower altitude, it got started. 

I was very happy to see it working, but then it started this creepy habit of restarting by itself. Randomly it gets turned off and on without me pressing any button. Also the touch screen keyboard has got some problem

I touch for letter 'n', but it will display 'm' or 'b', similar mess happens with letter 'j' sometimes. I tried some apps and anti-viruses such as Kaspersky, but to no avail. Also with a short fall to floor gives it cracks at the corners of the screen.

Irritated as hell, finally, I resetted the whole system, which erased all of the installed apps and contacts from the phone, but still the problem is not solved. 

Finally I went to the retailer, and he said that I have to upgrade the software, but for that phone must be sent to a service centre in the nearby city, which can take two to three days.. f***!

I can not live without my cell phone for two-three days, because I use internet and other things from it. I decided to let it as it is. Do you have similar experience? Do you have some solution for this problem? Please share in comment box.

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